How did you become good at Insurgency?

Howdy everyone,

I was just wondering, how long did it take you until you become the master of your domain playing Insurgency? Also, was it helpful to play Soloa lot of must be be Coop or Multiplayer that give you a grasp of what the game is about, what to do and how to do it?

I mean, spectating some players, I realized they were miles away better than me, and it just felt like I'm watching super-intelligent and highly-programmed droids not humans, I kid you not, I tried moving right and left checking my ground like they do, and heck if I could see the enemies, even if they're there, I mean that speed and eye-focus was a Super Sayan level.

My question is, did you guys feel the same when you first start out, or it was just a natural instinctive thing, or is it acquired by time and practice?

If I still have hope, then how long or how many hours was the average that you played, until it became natural to play with that accuracy?

The reason I'm asking is to find out whether I still have hope, or it's a lost cause!? I'm still gonna be playing, it's super fun, but I wanna know should I be expecting myself to improve that much, which is a bit stressful, or shall I just accept it as it is and keep enjoying the game as much as I can and forget about topping the list, lol

Would love to hear you back and/or your experiences as well, and it would feel so encouraging, if there're others who're in the same spot like I am.

this won't answer your question, but I've played for a few years and I don't think I've improved. Sometimes I'm really good, other times I'm terrible. I don't know why but I'm inconsistent in skill.

A lot of the really good players have time and practice on their side. I had over 5k hours in FPS games before I started to play Insurgency. I was overwhelmed initially with the game but I picked it up quickly and excel at it now. Even then, I would say that I haven't stopped improving at least bit by bit each month. The key to be proactive in learning new things and never be afraid to try something out for several hours (or months) for the sake of experimenting or mastering something new.

And do not be stressed out if you feel like you aren't improving. Getting better is frequently passing from plateau to plateau. Sometimes you will feel like you're getting worse but nobody performs their best everyday at every time regardless how good they are. (It may also mean you are playing against better players too.)

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Practice will make you better that is for sure, but you also need to try to learn the flanking routes and good positions on the map. Watching pros and understanding the way they play will also help you.

Think back on your mistakes, try to realise what you did wrong and not repeat that same mistake.
Conciously think about your movement, everything you are doing ingame, try to predict what the enemy is going to do.
Your reaction time will improve by experience, same goes for everything tbh. Practice makes perfect, just getting them hours in will make you a better player.
Of course there are other things that might help, such as lowering your sensitivity for better accuracy, tweaking your settings to be optimal for spotting enemies.
Obviously when starting you might feel like you have no chance, but confidence comes with experience. With confidence you'll end up doing better plays, things the enemy wont expect. Insurgency is not very different from other first person shooters, experience gained from other games will certainly be a big factor.

in my opinion it's good to start with bots at first just to get the basic shooting mechanics down (can't really practice if you get instakilled the whole time XD) but if you want to be good at PVP it's essential to play with people and get to learn their habits. on that same note learning the maps also helped me a ton, used to hate a lot of maps thinking they were sniping heaven and I got shot from out of nowhere every time. but if you learn the maps and try to keep up on people habits you'll notice that the average insurgency player is pretty predictable.

I'd never had any extensive FPS experience before I picked up Insurgency. Sure, I'd played almost every CoD, but without internet I was limited to campaign and bots, and the occasional Xbox live game over at a friend's house. When I picked up Insurgency, I mainly played solo but I would play online whenever possible. I honestly don't know if my solo hours offline were tracked by Steam but I did end up racking up hours online playing PvP. I remember being absolute trash and being extremely excited about my very first kill when I went 1-18 on my 2nd-4th round. When I hit 100 hours was when I got to be a decent-ish player where I could carry my weight if I had a decent team on a map I knew well. From then on I just got better and better, and I'd say in my 200-500th hour was when I really did become a good player. What probably helped me the most was when I started to play Ambush instead of Push because most of the players were just better. Now almost on hour 1200, I've become a really good player, I still have bad games and mediocre games but most are good, and whenever I leave Ambush to play Push or Coop I see just how good I've become. If you want to get better, the #1 thing to do is to just put hours in and learn maps, once you have that down and have become a decent player, find game modes (I still recommend ambush for this) with better players and play that until you become a good player all around. From there it's just more hours and eventually you'll get really good.

P.S. By no means do I mean to sound arrogant here, but that's sorta what this post is asking for.