Swamp Trails Map: Work in Progress.

Starting my second map now, my first map ever for Spintires was "The Great Forest" for Mudrunner. I know I could do better so I set out with a broader goal in mind as opposed to filling most of the map with trees which in hindsight, was a bit lackluster and dull. Hoping to make this map the best it it can be with my abilities.

Also looking for helping hands if anyone has trails map experience!





I am using Spun and Nix's custom rocks for that realistic look and feel.

Many hands make light work!

Steam is digitalxak

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Thanks, I have a few ideas about today's progress, and trying to avoid the "slap, dash" approach and just put things in willy nilly, trying to make it flow is the goal but with fun, technical trails. Not sure if many swamp land has small housing but It's definitely going in!

There's a collapsed house model that might integrate well into that type of environment... 🙂

I will be using that 🙂 A few well placed rocks to make look like a disaster, I think individual houses on raised terrain due to flooding surrounded by small beaten up trails and fences would look good.

Might not get much done today but I shall provide pics after a decent days progress.

Best advice I can give as a novice mapper is make a plan before you begin, but be prepared to change the plan.
I decided to "wing it" on my first map, and it ended up taking a lot more time and effort after I'd "painted myself into a corner" and had to go back and revamp whole sections of the map to accommodate a change I'd made partway through... lol
I assume, since you've got the rocks, you've already watched Nix's map tutorials on YT?

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I have watched them yes, I have the route planned out via a material, I am not using overlays.

that map looks awesome man keep it going !

Thank you matey! Glad to hear. I have a small bit done now, with a large, swampish looking pond and a small, bogged down housing area. Few bits need tweaking there before I continue elsewhere.

This is a fairly technical map in a trails aspect but not so difficult as to remove the fun.

Update: Added a small bog trail.


Small community housing the background, which I will be extending upon slightly.

Just need to tweak the edges of the mud so terrrain is stretched due to the mud etc.

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Small update on a few trails.

They may be changed and extended upon but the general jist is there.

Who doesn't love a muddy rock trail?

This section will make more sense in later updates, see if you can guess the purpose!

A nice boggy water ride, with steep drops and very deep mud. Even the Kraz struggled so shall be interesting with other vehicles.

looking pretty good Digi, will be waiting to check this one out.

Thanks, I am aiming for February for a testing phase. Once I'm happy enough I shall be releasing a trailer for the map.

It's just thinking of new and interesting trails at this point. Uncloaking points will be at difficult to reach to areas, which is what the rocks around the watchtower will be for.

Few issues I am coming across is the water is hitting a "square" segment and some being green while the other square is brown. I'll see if I can get an image of it, I am rebuilding the terrain after modifying each time to try and tackle that.

Another problem I'm facing is I put some Automatic mud down as a layer, then Extrude it deeper, but it's acting like I am driving on solid ground, my tires are not going in, what is going on here?

Image of the issue: https://i.imgur.com/wweddTG.jpg

Unless it's better to scrap Automatic, and just use the Extrude so you don't know the mud is there until you hit it?

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For an early Christmas Present I am releasing a small map preview: https://www.sendspace.com/file/3dm9ba

It's far from finished and is subject to changes, bits being added etc but should be fun over Christmas.

Thanks to Spun and Nix for the rock models, everything is included in the download and should work fine with JSGME.

It should be released around March 2018 depending on my health, suffering a rather annoying illness and on 5 pills a day!

@digital-x as that mud issue, I think you should start doing extrudes first, and then do the automatic. Also doing it this way gives you more of a preview.

As above, extrude first then create your tracks over the extruded area with the automatic brush. Doing it the other way around seems to mess up the sync between what you see rendered on the screen and how it actually reacts to a vehicle in game.

OK thanks, will keep that in mind, and save me redoing whole paths.

Started on a small rock trail, since someone on a forum I visit everyday wanted one, so that is what I am putting in!

This section will be fairly large so you can play with it as you wish.

alt text

been testing this out cant wait till its finished some great trails very unique

Good to hear you like it mate, thanks.

Got around 40% of the map filled now, also trying something new with objects that works very well, that I haven't seen done before so hopefully that'll get praise.