(Xbox One)Game crashing after most recent update. Nucleus map zone

@zombieyeah yes, i loaded my game and i started at the bottom of the exolift, proceeded to the circuit and overloaded it. made my way to the lift, went up and was surprised it didn't crash

Well I’m back. It’s pretty much about principles at this point. I’ve heard nothing from the community managers regarding the bug fix. It was nice to see a few posts in the last few months. That means people are still buying this game before finding out their save file is doomed. It’s been over a year that this unacceptable bug was brought to the developers attention. See you in another 3 months or so.

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@zombieyeah yes, i loaded my game and i started at the bottom of the exolift, proceeded to the circuit and overloaded it. made my way to the lift, went up and was surprised it didn't crash

I’d rather not download the whole game just to find out it isn’t fixed. The community managers need to announce it has been officially fixed. It seems they still haven’t spent the time to actually identify it yet.

I was playing the game again after not having it for a while and today when I got to the part it crashed for everyone it still crashed and shut my Xbox off so seems they didn't fix it yet and also yesterday playing the good the bad the augmented trying to upgrade weapons it crash and shut the system off so when r we gonna actually get it fixed I don't want it to not be a game I wasted $60 for like fallout 76 is

Still waiting on an update... Customer service in the video game industry is abysmal. Make your game at least playable.

Recently picked the surge up for Christmas since it was cheap and I hadn't gotten round to playing it but like everyone else I'm stuck at the nucleus I can't even get past the first enemy after coming out of medbay I tried getting hold of someone at deck 13 thru their Twitter and got an email which was wordpress@deck13.com I got one email off then with a bunch of reasons why the crashes may occur and when trying to email them back asking for more help I can no longer get though to the email. Kinda sad about all this since I had enjoyed every minute with the surge up until they area.

Hello. I’m back. I’m back because I care. I was looking forward to playing due to this particular bug, the fact that it has still not been addressed even after another DLC (which was also glitchy and crashy according to he forums here and elsewhere). I’ve passed up the purchase of the latest Surge DLC, Space Hulk Tactics, Vampyr, and Call of Cthulhu for sure. I’d also had an interest in Greedfall, Surge 2, and World War Z which will never result in purchase either. I’ve re downloaded the game even though there has been no confirmation of this bug being fixed based on the recent forum post just a day ago. I’m going to try again. Maybe I will turn off all enhancements (kinda the point of owning an Xbox One X though). It’s been a year and 4 months since this thread was started. Just saying. And about 7k views of this thread. Obviously people don’t view this thread unless this has happened to them. So that’s pretty sad. Come on guys.

Man I was really hoping for a fix by now. Tried it out on a new xbox one x, had tried previously on a normal xbox and a one S. Think I'm going to continuously harass microsoft on the phone for a refund for allowing them to sell a broken game that can't be completed and refusing to acknowledge it.

We gotta do something as consumers. If you buy something literally anywhere else and its defective or broken you get a refund or replacement. We have to stop letting developers shit on us.

Ill never spend a dime with this company again and i sincerely hope it goes under and everyone involved with it loses their jobs.

Got the game on gamepass. Played the hell out of my first save NG if you will. 85 power. Having a blast with your game. Then I get to the nucleus... Thought you guys would have answered these people by now but it's May of 2019 and nothing. Must've been a serious bug to just bail on the community. How am I supposed to beat the game now? I didn't pay full price for it but your owe it to the people who did.

It worked! I don't know how but it did. I pulled a lot of enemies down their with me if that helps.

I bought this game before it came out in game pass and I deeply regret it, because it is a broken game. The hard crashes on The Nucleus constitute a major game breaking bug, more than a year old, known by the community and yet hasn't been fixed. Me and my friends are not buying any games from this company. The game is good but this bug and the fact that it has not been fixed for so long is unacceptable! (sorry for my english)

I am playing through the game with Game Pass and I'm absolutely loving it... Until I got to the nucleus. Now I can't even go into the medbay/operations because 100% of the time my game will go unresponsive while in the medbay or gear upgrade menu, I'll get audio glitches, and it'll completely shut down the whole Xbox. This is on an Xbox One X.

Please fix this. I see other people have issues with the exolifts. My issue always seems to stem from the medbay and gear upgrade menus of Operations. And only in the Nucleus. I'm almost at the end and I can't believe this is happening.

Love how this still isn’t fixed 😕

I had the same problem today, first hard crash bug I hit in this game. It's a level 30 overcharge, I believe, and after you overcharge, turn around, and reach the top of the exolift screen goes dark, game makes a grinding sound and it shuts the Xbox off completely. I knew there wasn't a whole lot that this overcharge led to, so I loaded my game without issue and intentionally skipped it after a few retries.

Enter the bigger problem.

I continued on without using that overcharge in the Nucleus, I got into a hallway with a crystalline enemy on the upper floor, literally 20 minutes from the final boss on NG+, 42+ hours of gameplay, character dies, game closes. When I reopen the game and try to load I get a black screen, instance never loads, I can hear music for about 15 seconds before it gets distorted and hard crashes my console. I'm on an Xbox One X Scorpio (I also installed the game on a separate standard Xbox One to see if the console was the issue), 42+ hours of gameplay, every collectable along the way, version of The Surge according to the Microsoft Store, all DLC Installed as of today, and I can't load my save. There is no way to manually manage saves that I know of on the console version - am I missing something? Can I restore a previous save file? I have tried: clearing the cache, removing my Xbox live profile and reinstalling, and even did a full factory reset of my console. I am more than furious and this point and from what I can tell, I recently spent $60 on the compete edition of a game that has had this crippling issue since 2017 with no attempts to fix it!? Please resolve this. Not only is this a monetary investment, but an investment of time for everyone this is impacting who will have to create a new game just to likely have the same scenario happen. Please remember, The Surge 2 has not released yet, which I was looking forward to prior to this event, and this type of scenario will impact your potential customer's willingness to make a similar investment in your future titles. At this point, that will be a solid NO for me.

Still not fixed 😕 first playthrough, really REALLY enjoying the game but can't continue due to this bug. Did a full reinstall for it to just crash again the first time trying the exo lift, will it ever be fixed??

Just got this game from game pass and hit a game breaking bug where the game just crashes and turns xbox one x off completely I'm in the last area nexus I think it's called its happening every 15-20 minutes .........is there a fix for this or will I never finish this game was really enjoying this was going to buy it and get DLC for it but not if there's no fix for this

Hey there, I have had the same problem

In the nexus overcharge 30 power station near the rocket, constantly shut down my xbox after I used the rig lift.

I got out of this loop by walking down to the right of the overcharge station, and jumping off the edge to my death.

This has sorted it I have now played 2 hours uninterrupted.

Hope this helps someone!

@Iyagovos hi, first time playing The Surge and during 3 twitch streams this issue persists. I'm on xbox, in the nucleus and went to overcharge a powercircut hidden on a life behind a security door. It will first freeze than immediately crash my console. It runs really hot after as though the game is running some computational effort. I imagine there is a failure in linking to a specific action which may be a result of DLC content. It could be an overlay issue between packets reusing materials or unique sound files that have no vanilla or backup files to switch to in case of failure. The lift might might be the trigger due to thecharacter being outside the range of useage of dialog. All sorts of things, but to be homest i have only seen overclocking like this in regards to graphic bugs.

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Hi, I’m crashing at the exact same spot (exolift down, overcharged the 30 powercore station, take lift back up, screen freezes and Xbox shuts off). One thing I did notice that may have something to do with the issue (or perhaps not) is that the red pipe connected to the powercharge station is on the right hand side when you’re on the way to the exolift from the top, but once you go down the exolift the red pipe is on your left hand side, I wonder if this not matching up somehow causes the problem (since it’s actually a pipe with a function). Just thought I’d mention it.

Hi, I’ve been playing the first surge for about 3 months and I’ve made it to NG++. The problem this thread is encountering has happened to me every single play through. Please fix this because I go back and forth between the surge and surge 2 and this little hiccup always makes me mad because it not fixed. I always have to jump off and lose my scrap. I keep around 700,000 scrap this play through to keep a maximum multiplier but when I get to this stage I have to lose it all and that grind took awhile