(Xbox One)Game crashing after most recent update. Nucleus map zone

I am on my first play through on Xbox one and have run into a very similar but more intense bug. In the first area of the nucleus I overloaded a circuit and headed down a ramp it opened that forced my Xbox to lock up and then crash. Now I can’t even load into the game. When I do I get black screen for a while with audio that eventually glitches just before my Xbox shuts down. I don’t even get to see the game anymore

@karlmanjaro Have you tried re-installing the game? Does it still occur?

It failed to work on my friends Xbox which was a fresh install after the initial problem occurred on my console. I can try reinstalling on my Xbox but don’t see how that could fix it

@iyagovos just finished the reinstall, unfortunately the issue persists. Any other possible solutions or patches in sight?

We're looking into it - I've just responded to you on your dedicated thread.

I experience the same issue as well. Taking the elevator up from the override panel in the rocket room section in nucleus causes an xbox shut down 100 percent of the time. Otherwise, I am only able to play for about 10 minutes before a shutdown. Sometimes, if I press the guide button and navigate to home within a second of noticing the freeze, I am able to quit the game without the Xbox shutting down.

I’m having this exact issue, except every lift in the Nucleus is now bugged whenever I go up, and I haven’t even charged the circuit. I’m absolutely addicted to this game, and now it’s unplayable. I even did a reinstall and it’s no different. Please fix this ASAP! (First play through, regular Xbox One, no DLC. Happens 100% of the time on any lift in the Nucleus, without fail, upon reaching the top.)

Okay, so now only SOME of the lifts in The Nucleus cause my Xbox to crash. Better than all of them. But the mandatory ones for progression are still bugged.

Just made it to the nucleus today on my first playthrough. I'm having the same issue. It crashed right after I overcharged the circuit and now the game won't even start back up. On the xbox one if that matters. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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@iyagovos yes correct, first playthrough

We continue to look into this for all of you, and we do plan on having an update out fixing the issue. Thank you all for your continued feedback.

@iyagovos Any idea on a fix that doesn’t involve a patch? I noticed backtracking for a few hours made it so that only the lifts closest to the circuit caused the crash. Other lifts in the Nucleus area had no effect on my Xbox at all.

Oh wow, I just had it happen where I didn’t even turn on the circuit OR go up the lift, but it still crashes my entire Xbox. Dang.

Still happening now, I guess... not good at all, hard too keep track of this map anyway without worry about the 12 lifts in and out

If it’s any help, it seems like the zone isn’t even loaded, I see black looking down at it

To clarify, I was trying to go back, because I was trying to go the wrong way, but instead went the right way, and tried to use the one lift right near that one overload in the gas tunnels

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I'm having this exact issue as well. Xbox One, just go to the part where there's the first Proteus...thing that looks like a bunch of rocks and you have to overcharge it to kill it. There's a lift not far from there behind a mesh door, it goes down and there's a level 30 overcharge circuit. I overcharge it, turn around to go back up the lift and once I reach the top, the game freezes and crashes my entire console, forcing a hard reboot.

Hope there's a patch/fix soon. I'm so addicted to this game!

@iyagovos Is there a fix in sight for the xbox one nucleus errors?

The team are still working on a fix, and it'll be there in the next update for the game.

Guys what’s up? Patch already submitted to Microsoft? It’s been ages already

mine is also doing it at the same spot. im on first playthrough and I'm stuck here

Hi, I’m crashing at the exact same spot (exolift down, overcharged the 30 powercore station, take lift back up, screen freezes and Xbox shuts off). One thing I did notice that may have something to do with the issue (or perhaps not) is that the red pipe connected to the powercharge station is on the right hand side when you’re on the way to the exolift from the top, but once you go down the exolift the red pipe is on your left hand side, I wonder if this not matching up somehow causes the problem (since it’s actually a pipe with a function). Just thought I’d mention it.