Will Insurgency: Sandstorm became new Day of Infamy?

Day of Infamy looks unfinished, and plays unfinished. It has great mechanics and great setting, but everything else is so basic that game have virtually no retention of the players. Tactical gamemodes exists only formaly, in reallity they are dead.
What about "tactical" gamemodes in Sandstorm? Not only this gamemodes have big fan base in current Insurgency, but even casuall players couldnt play only countless games of slightly different Push-like gamemodes, as in DoI.
Right now, as we know it, there are no Ambush, no Elimination, no Skirmish, no night maps; only Firefight which remains just as basic as it was in the standalone.
At least post launch, can we hope for expansion of tactical gamemodes? Night maps for pvp? Further development for this gamemodes?
If Firefight goes ultra-competetive-cybersport'y, then it needs to be very variative in gameplay, and with as little random as there could be. Then, what about further developing this gamemode? For example:
-Competitive Firefight clearly needs pre-game stage, at which players could discuss strategies, precisely choose their spawnpoints, make markers on the map.
-Team economics?
-Team-shared excess supply points?
-Caches for opposing teams for secondary way of respawning?
-Team respawn token instead of instant respawn on capturing to make spawning as a team more of a strategic desicion, and somewhat prevent spawncamping?

agreed, Day of Infamy looks very dated Quake2-ish, the voices are annoying, funny at first but it gets old. Options to change.
Insurgency is a pretty nice game, but some things need to be improved.

  1. Microphone sound levels default to a high and annoying value, 90% of players never adjust them. Sensitivity should be low, or prompt to set it up correctly.
  2. Persistent weapons choices. Some weapons I never buy but are forced.
  3. Overlay map of players. You have to know where your team mates are located, and when they go down.
  4. More maps. Bigger maps.
  5. re-spawns needs to be less predictable with the C-4 guys. Maybe stagger player re-spawn a few seconds apart or more. maybe at different locations.
  6. add a game mode choice for no re-spawn. Gasp.
  7. Maps are static, make movable objects like vehicles, boxes, sandbags, move to different positions, between rounds.
  8. Gun position in hand moves funny, swishy and jerky, can be better.
  9. Better bullet marks in walls please for checking aim.


  1. There is a setting for mic volume in Insurgency so you can make the majority the correct volume level
  2. Weapon choices are dependent on the class.
  3. Insurgency shows where friendlies are on the map and where they have been.
  4. It has been stated Sandstorms maps are larger than Insurgency
  5. Larger maps will prevent a lot of explosive abuse like IEDs and C4.
  6. Sandstorm has vehicles
  7. That is intentional because that is how the hip-fire mechanic works.