Off Topic, But is anyone else anticipating Fallout 76?

Hey all, I know this is very off topic, but man! what an absolute PR mess for Bethesda thats going on right now.

Bethesda came out and posted about their BETA, saying that it will start in October, but players included will be 'randomly selected' and oh boy did that cause a huge problem

cannot get back onto their site, forums crashed OR they purposely shut them down

76 has been a pr mess since it was announced. While people have wanted an online option since 3, going online only isn't something anybody wanted or asked for. About the only good thing I see coming out of this is them ripping out decades worth of legacy code and rebuilding the engine almost entirely.

I'm going to have to skip 76, at least for now. Don't have the net connection to support it, amongst other issues. No offline screwed me out of it.

I'll be owning 76 the day it releases.

Fallout 76 has been a complete a disaster. I don't think Fallout is dead yet, I think Bethesda can still turn things around. But the next Fallout game has to go back to being a single player RPG, and it has to be a damn good one at that.

Personally I loved Fallout 4 (despite it's flaws) but the fanbase in general seemed to be more indifferent to it, and 76 has been pretty much a complete disaster entirely. If the next Fallout game has another bad showing then I don't see a bright future for the series.

However before trying to rebuild Fallout's reputation, Bethesda has to rebuild their own reputation. Lets hope Elder Scowls 6 and Starfield turn out out to be good games. If Bethesda can put out a couple good showings and patch Fallout 76 into a workable state, then they may be able to wash away this negativity they are in right now.

@justinlynch3 less has killed game series. will be interesting to see where they plan on going after all this. if memory serves me correct this would not be the only game bethesda has pulled, only it was not as bad as this imo. remember their game Prey 2?