Could we have an option (so that people with weak computers can still play the game) that allow us to see other players vehicules even if they are not driving it? I think that would be much more immersive than a black shadow thing that you can go throught. Could we also share trailers? Like if i go fill up a utility trailer I could just park it so that my friend can use it without me following him ? (he could connect MY trailer to HIS truck, that could be done using the same feature as the logs, the asking permission thing) I think that's all for me right now, feel free to suggest more ideas in the comments 😃 and have a nice day!

Quick note: I played spintires and spintires Mudrunner for 128 hours and 51 hours respectively so I really like these games and just want them to improve!(I really like the multiplayer save ! ) (also sorry for weird text structure, im not the greatest writter but I hope I got my point across! )

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