Camera issues

The new camera you guys added doesn't work for me. I got the "bocks" (to enable or not) in the settings but no text beside it. If I enable it the camera just start to constantly zoom out. I don't know why it seems like I am the only one whit this problem. I noticed it the first time I launched the game after the update when it started zooming out right away.


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Hi there,

Could you please screenshot the menu for us? The camera just constantly zooms backwards?

Additionally, are you playing with mods?

Could you also please try Verifying your game cache?


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@iyagovos alt text
Yes, yes and what do you mean, verifying?

go to steam library mudrunners right click then properties then you will see local files tab then click verify integrity of game files it will then make sure you have all the correct files for the game and download any that are missing

Thanks, guys! It works now!

Wonderful news, thanks for letting us know!