Media Zip Media folder Files Differ from original version i am going crazy with this game

Ok problems again and not just me this time ... 4 of us trail daily always looking for new maps .. i understand yes that we can make a media folder and change the path so it reads this . then we have to add the mods in while the game is running the map mods... it works for one guy but the other 3 run time errors or game files differ from original version.

Can someone please explain a step by step way of getting map mods to work with the game i must have reinstalled this game about 30 times this week ... oh and still runtime errors .. the game structure is still broken.
Why have i got two config files one in roaming and one in steam ?
what is going on and why have the devs not picked up on this ?
why do we have no support in workshop for mods still ?

Regarding the truck mods there should be some sort of testing process beta mods and verified mods that do not cause problems in the game .
There are so many modders out there that need more support

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if you use your own custom or modified classes in the media folder it can be the result you describe. Beside that the developer working on the workshop support for maps.

the only xml file you should edit is the config.xml in the folder "appData/Roaming/Spintires MudRunner"


and in the Media folder from the game there should be only one folder "levels". You can also run into issues if you modify the game default zip files.

You should never edit / or modify any of those files ether


understood some maps have extra textures . its strange because they run perfect on single player but multiplayer there are problems

Single player works (true) ... but in order to play online the files must be identical.
Mostly happens with custom object on maps which need classes in the media folder to work or textures which need also a class (material)

I would say it is is possible to get it to work, if you know what you are doing ... but I think its better to wait for the workshop support. Or use maps (Default maps use "stg" and "dds" files only) which only use game default objects and textures.

For example: if you have installed two maps with custom objects ... but your friend only have one of them ... your game is different in terms of classes or files which also can be overwritten from other maps you installed.

you should use only one map with custom object at the time (at least for now).

For example:

  • Media_mapName
  • Media_mapName2
  • Media

and rename the media folder if you want to play a other map.

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we got it too work once but since then its never worked again ... so basically the custom object are not renamed properly causing conflictions

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Do you or any of your friends have spintiresmod? you all need to have the same one or not have it.

nope we did but then it caused more problems

@kent_bobo that would be a new one. before just the map and vehicles needed to be exactly the same. mod files were user side only. so now they are not? i have not had time to play much MP so have not had the chance to check this out.

You can check the actual game behavior!

If you install a custom map (with custom objects and textures) the game needs classes.
But Mud Runner does not allow custom xml (in Media/classes/) ... and give you a warning / error if you want to start/host a multiplayer game. I guess it has something to do with the upcoming workshop support for maps.

"The game files are different .... "

A custom map needs:

  • textures (Media/classes/terrains) -not allowed
  • objects (Media/classes/model/) -not allowed
  • roads, overlays, water and so on ...

Mud Runner only checks once (at the start) the Media folder.

  • remove the "classes" folder from the Media folder
  • start Mud Runner
  • copy the "classes" folder back into the "Media" folder
  • .... try to host a multiplayer game

your friends should do the same.

  • remove the "classes" folder from the Media folder
  • start Mud Runner
  • copy the "classes" folder back into the "Media" folder
  • .... try to join a multiplayer game

you have to repeat this every time you start Mud Runner to play online.

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Would renaming the folder to, say "Classes1" before starting the game then renaming back to "Classes" after startup work?

no / you have to remove it from "Media" folder
... its not the folder structure its the content what the game is looking for!

So my map on that i just converted on sunday (from spintires) was working fine in single player, but not multiplayer. It has custom objects (which makes sense) & textures, waters, etc etc. It worked fine in single player until i got "level_watersedge broken/missing or old version". I released it on x-mas and other people were having the same issue. I am not sure if it is the game or my map. I have tried spintires mod but i have abosutly NO CLUE how to use it lol. The name is watersedge on