MudRunner Stability Update 13/12/2017

Hi all!

We've got a bit of a stability update releasing on PC today. This patch addresses a major stability issue that was reported after last week's update, as well as adds some improvements. The console update continues to be planned for next week, as originally planned.

Change Log


  • Zoom out the camera when using a steering wheel
  • Cockpit camera is now by default assigned to '3' ( the first time you launch the game)
  • Cockpit camera can still be activated with a right click - but only when "move camera" mode is active (no hovering over the truck)
  • Reduce the sensitivity of the vertical centered camera.


  • New and improved "repair" sounds
  • Minor sound improvements


  • Assign '3' as hotkey for "cockpit camera" for players who launch the game for the first time
  • Show "exit cockpit camera" instead of "activate cockpit camera" when using the mouse in cockpit view
  • Restore missing "Stalling" and "Diff Lock" overlay text
  • Trailer attachment socket can now be activated with gamepad when looking backwards in cockpit view
  • Fixed mods sorting by date/rank in "Manage Mods"

Other Improvements

  • Separate trucks in truck picker into three groups: stock | certified mods | uncertified mods
  • Minor visuals improvements (x-ray engine)
  • Added headlight projection textures (small improvement to headlight visuals at night)

As always, please continue to let us know what you think of the game, and let us know if there's any issues or feedback you have. It's all going towards making MudRunner the best game it can be!

Thanks, and talk to you soon!


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