How to add a cusotm texture?

Hello there!

So i followed some sort fo a guide on ehre. And it still came out weird. The texture is in there but it keeps asking for a .tga in some textures folder. And if i paint the material on the ground the ground suddenly glitches out. I providede a screenshot here: ""

I hope someoen on here can help me out.

If you have no tga/dds in your textures folder it will appear like that.

These should help, you need them to be tga or .dds from my experience.

alt text

And this one

alt text

Hope you can see what needs doing.

So you just created a those folder yourself in there? Because as far as i kno there is no textures folder in the Media section. And of course the tile section. And is there also a way to do custom Overlay's? Since you have an asphalt texture in there.

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The terrains folder is the materials "grass to dirt" etc when you launch the editor you see that.

Yes tiles was added myself and those are my textures.

Custom overlays yes I know it's possible but I have not made them yet. There is a lot more you can do to the game but you need to dig deep 😉

Here's the terrains as materials

alt text

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I do need to put a dds in the right? Or is that wher ei am going into the wrong direction?

And what is the DDS setting to save them in? If you use the Nvidia Tool aswell for PSD

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No, the dds file goes in the media > textures > tiles folder if you using it as terrain material, like grass, dirt, rough etc as in the standard game.

I use so just as normal I save them. I only use photoshop for real height terrains.

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Alright, yeai was asking since my snow looks like straight up solid white if it is in the sun

It also looks black in-game

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It looks black after what I showed you? or your snow does?

grab any grass texture, get and save it as "" and do what I did above so you get the gist of it.

Might be the resolution of it, I had the issue with my woodchips texture, they were tyre sized. Add me on steam it'll be easier: digitalxak

I have created multiple terrains for Spintires and Mudrunner and they all come out fine. But for some reason snow in this game always comes out just plain bright white.
I've fought with it and fought with it.

I even created ice for like frozen ponds that worked perfectly fine. But snow ground textures just are bright white.
I'm think the engine has a problem with bright white textures.