Clear cache.

Is there a newer clear cache tool out there. I've downloaded one but it doesn't work for me. Or can someone tell me how to manually do it... I lost a lot of fps and want to see if the cache thing will help out. I only downloaded one mod in that time frame it happened. I uninstalled it and tried it without but its still not what I had before.

I've tried to put the lines above in the winkey+r and it doesn't work. I also tried putting the lines in command prompt but it says incorrect or missing files. the same thing it says when I used the tool that I downloaded. should I Uninstall the game again and try reinstalling it

Ok I've tried that and get file not specified(Command) and error in (winkey). It used to be so easy just open the clear cache tool and press yes and yes and done it would rest set the maps and all that stuff. but now I Dunno I'm just gonna give it a rest for now. I might try to get a screen shot of what its showing me and post it. I'm pretty sure its operator error somewhere lol. Thanks for trying to help and replying..

I tried the tool again says (could not find c:\Users\Dell XXX\Appdata\Roaming\SpinTires Mudrunner\MeshCache. Is there supposed to be a roaming file somewhere because I can not find one anywhere?

I just deleted every file that had to do with mudrunner and reinstalled with a select few mods seems to be working better now. Thanks though.