Manual log loading

How are u meant to manually load logs it seems impossible.

I know theirs I crane to load the small logs but with med n long logs only option i see is using the loader truck.

But the just slide everywhere or knock into the bars on truck that carrages the logs and they just fall every where and can't be loaded

You have to pick it at the center of the log (where the red point is). You can load every length with the loaders of the trucks. With some experience it's quite easy. Maybe look at some vids on youtube...

maybe this is good:
can't watch it now I'm at work... 😉

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With a joystic is much easier, at least for me. I play with an xbox controller.

@araxp i only use KB, but have tried controller for the crane before. is the controls better than the nightmare that it used to be?

like doom said, grab the logs in the middle, although i do not remember seeing a red dot for that, then again i was not looking for one, i just load up the trucks and go.

I can easly load using the crane but can't using the loader on the k-50 I think it's called, the one with joint in middle.