Hello from Rogue Factor!

Hey everyone!

I'm the new communications manager at Rogue Factor- just dropping in to say hello. We don't have anything new to say about the game, but I want you all to know that I'm here and around. šŸ™‚

Hey, good to hear - while there's not that many people around here yet (lots of lurkers though), the level of enthusiasm is high so I think I speak for everyone when I say we're waiting with bated breath* for news.

*okay not really, the whole bated breath thing tends to lead to unfortunate events like suffocating before getting to play and such

@Mekelan Okay don't do that! šŸ˜›

News will come in due time... Good thing there's a speculation thread to keep us all busy!

Good to see that there is someone from the team here šŸ™‚

It would be great to see anything along the lines of material relating to the games development, heck even concept art would help to muster up additional interest.

Necro has such a strong and healthy following to this day in the tabletop gaming scene, that generating good amounts of footfall with even trickle-fed information would help with getting more and more into it.

Looking forward to what is to come!

@NaloaC One day but not yet! A lot of what I'm doing right now is getting settled in so that we will be able to release good information and content when the time is right.

hey all, keen tabletop player here... Hoping we're all doing well šŸ™‚

@Yarrow Well indeed! I would guess you're looking forward to the announced re-release of tabletop Necromunda? We sure are around the office here ā˜ŗ.

The 8th edition re-release should be great, but when is there going to be fresh news about this game? Its been silent for some time now.

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Great to see a community forum so early! Though a blessing and a curse for you folks šŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing the progress in the PC adaption of our beloved Necromunda and hope to provide some feedback and suggestions.

YakTribe Games

@Malo Hello Malo, I've checked out the Yak Tribes archive of the original Necromunda and all its expansions and since you're on here I wanted to ask if you could drop a link over in the Lore section? Someone else posted a "Lore for the Uninitiated" but it lacks the gangs from the Gangland expansions that you guys have. I think especially after we get more info, and interest, it would be great exposure for the lesser known aspects of Necromunda.

@DeTortor Sure thing! I could direct them to the YakTribe vault for all the resources we have, and we even have a dedicated Lore section of our forums to discuss Necromunda background.

Hey Rogue Factor, please give an update as to where the game is. Just a few lines to know your listening. Many thanks.

Hi @Adam_rush29! We are here and listening but... still can't say anything in terms of a game update.

Thanks @lilstrid. I believe I can safely say that we're all eagerly waiting for a) the game and b) the first update from you. Hope it's not too long a wait.

@adam_rush29 We are also looking forward to being about to share more about the game! I think it goes without saying that this forum here will get all the news as it's ready to come out. šŸ™‚

@lilstrid said in Hello from Rogue Factor!:

@adam_rush29 We are also looking forward to being about to share more about the game! I think it goes without saying that this forum here will get all the news as it's ready to come out. šŸ™‚

Dying for an update on the specifics of what's happening. But in general have you guys been in contact with GW about what they're doing with the Table Top/Lore now or is this game based primarily on the original content? From what I've read they've expanded on the lore of the Houses, like Van Saar being technologically advanced because they use a dysfunctional STC.

@detortor We are working very closely with Games Workshop throughout development, but unfortunately we don't have any specifics to update about just yet. They even sent us a little care package last week!

If I'm reading the inference right, I'm so jealous @lilstrid. Please let us know, if you are allowed, what the new Necromunda game is like.

@lilstrid Cool. So I understand you can't go into details... but how about a general idea of when more details can be shared?

Hoping your version of Necormunda doesnt land anywhere in the same region as the tabeltop
Ā£72 for the basic boxset!

All jokes aside

Im going to buy the tabletop and then check it against my old rulebook and see the major differences.

My girlfriend is excited by the all female Escher gang and wants to challenge my Delaque gang over some turf , she wont know what hit her!

Good to see the dev presence in the forums.

I had completely forgotten to upload my fan art to try and get some hype going

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