After finishing the fight with McCullum, I'm experiencing a sound bug. My voice audio works fine, and I hear the ambient music playing. If I talk / interact with an NPC I hear them fine, but outside of direct interaction, I don't hear the voices any more. No Priwen telling me 'its not safe here', no NPCs complaining about things... I'm walking around in a ghost town where no one talks.

This is my second playthrough, and I want to say I fixed it the first time by either going somewhere that forces a loading screen (i.e. the sewers, ascalon club, lady ashburys house etc), but that didn't fix it. Tried powering off the console and re-loading too.

Anyone else gotten the sound re-enabled? It did happen on my first playthrough but nothing I'm trying this time fixes it. Note, the first time was prior to the patch.