Geometry Node vs Terrain Node

I'm having issues while creating custom maps. I've got a nice base map built, but when I cut in my roads and do detailed map deformations, my landscape looks great while I have the Geometry Node selected, but as soon as I switch to the Terrain Node, my changes go away and I'm left with a much lower resolution mesh. If I click on the Geometry Node again, the nice deformations are back. I thought this may just be a preview issue, but when I export my map to play and test, I'm left with the low res view I get when I select the Terrain Node. Is there a way to explicitly force the higher resolution deformations I see in Geometry view to transfer over to and get baked into the Terrain view?

@pix3lmonkey, Did you recreate your terrain after each change? Check out the 3 part tutorials from Nix909. He discussed this exact issue.

MudRunner: Map Editor Tutorial Part-1