Spintires: MudRunner Editor Feature Request.

Is there any way to add a heightfield multiplier to custom maps? I'm finding that I would like to have more elevation in my games but the cap is too low. If the devs could add an overall map height multiplier that could be set for individual maps that would be great.

Hai, I'm a geometry whore and I know what you mean.. I really wish the editor would let us do more but for explainable reasons we can only have our maps this high for this section and so on..

In every map I've created I think I've reached the lowest and the highest point that the editor allows you to go. I'm ALWAYS having a battle with the height errors were a hill will become perfectly smooth and shit. a height multiplier is the least of your worries.

Does somebody knows about any way, how to find where is the point of height issue?
I am converting my old map from ST and editor managed import (sort of) but whole terrain is lowered and flattered. Turning on terrain geometry tool made it swap into its proper shape and height - typical issue of "too steep sloping somewhere".
But how to find the spot?

Maybe some feature highlighting at least square on minimap could be implemented? @Pavel

Just tested the height in the Editor:

alt text

Seems fairly high though?

Unless it's another issue.

Upon loading the map, that size shrunk, considerably. There must be a way to raise the limits surely?

@digital-x So. by default the maps are 20m high. then you have another 60m of height. The very max height you can have is about 80m.