Does adding weight to a vehicle give it more traction?

For some reason, i find that adding attachments to vehicles such as logs, or fuel tanks makes it easier to cross rivers, and gives me better traction. Or is it only on certain vehicles?

When i was using the E-7310 without any attachments in Deluge, i think i got stuck somewhere crossing the lake. But when i added the fuel tank, i could cross the entire lake.

Because when i had the garage attachment (not garage trailer) on the C-65111, i was getting stuck in the water. So maybe adding weight doesn't give better traction??

Oh, and another question. What determines how much a vehicle will sink under water in a river? Too much weight, or the power of the vehicle? Because i've noticed some vehicles will sink more than others.

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i say yes because when i put a d537 one the back of the e7310 with the medium log atacment becauce the e7301 dosent care how deep the water is with the extra whight the e7310 was able to drive upstream in deluge without any issues!!!!

yes adding weight helps, i always put the b-66 in the back of the blue 6x6, and just go clear the map, or just goof around,

As someone who is still new to Spintires as a whole, can anyone explain how you are able to load one vehicle onto the back of another? Like with the challenge called Delivery Mission with the A-class sitting on the back of the trailer. I've seen some trucks on the workshop which have ramp trailers but I've never figured out how to do this with the game's default vehicles...

As for the original post, I've witnessed some situations where adding weight onto the rear wheels definitely makes a difference in traction. If you're towing a trailer without any extra weight on the drive wheels then you will struggle more in finding grip, as well.

When doing the challenge to deliver only small logs and to only use the B-66 I found that while empty I had to frequently use the winch to get myself back to the log station but after loading it up it would make the trip to the mill without any assistance. Similarly with the C-65115 that doesn't have diff lock or AWD, it would get stuck everywhere until I put a fuel trailer on the back! Then it only got stuck half of the time.

Im not sure what he means about putting the B66 in the back, IM not sure it fits, maybe he just means towing it.

About putting the A in the back for the achievement, use the log carriage for short logs in any truck, then load the A into it and drive. There are 2 ways. The old way was to put the truck below a bridge (in the hill there is one near the start), and load the A from top. The new way is to use the K700 to pick up the A easily and load it.

Does it damage the A if you grab it with the K700?

just back your vehicak up to a ledge then get another vehical and drive off ledge than your loaded

Wait, you can put Jeep on Truck?

Oh! Okay, I wasn't sure if there was an option to easily place the smaller truck onto the trailer like how you would attach a winch. K700 or terrain, I'll have to try that out. Thanks!