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SmarOneNine Workshop / >Forces< Workshop

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Impressed with your first map dude. We had fun on it last night.

@smaronenine looks real good keep up the awsome work

@smaronenine Just curious. What was the map size you chose? I'm excited to drive this thing!

@RoughRider i went with 20x20 to start out , And you know your welcome to test it anytime bud.

Looks great mate! Will you be making this into a logging map?

Also just curious are you using the rocks from the old game? (spuns rocks?)

@kent_bobo thanks man this map is just gonna be a trailing map for now , Maybe eventually ill try a logging map , and yes im useing nix and spuns rocks the ones nix has in his decription on his tutorial videos.

I Released The 1977 Monte Carlo to the workshop and Forces released his 1994 Chevy S10 if anyone is interested , Thanks Guys.....More Coming Very Soon!

Youtube Video

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@smaronenine, Thanks for the mods guys. I'll be subbing them asap. 🙂

2 New Release's Released to the Workshop!

SmarOneNine - 1985 Chevy K5 Blazer
Forces - 1985 CUCV M1009

Both versions are the same appearence wise , However my version is Gas powered and Forces version is Diesel powered.

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Comes in 4 Body Colors , With a different Tire on Each Body.

Youtube Video

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Forces Converted His 1990 Jeep XJ Nissan Turbo Diesel and is up available for download!

@SmarOneNine Can we have a list of what colors have what tires? 🙂 Loving them so far! and an XJ!! Now I'm going to have some fun!

Sure Man , all the trucks by colors -
Red & Gray - SS tires / Red & White - Bogger tires / Blue & White - Ground Hawgs tires / White - Baja Tires

alt text

Just gotta give WrenchinMonkey a big shout out and say thank you for taking the time to make me the sign model for my map! it looks great man! really appreciate it.

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