Need some help with map editor.

Hi guys! I'm trying to convert my spintires map (Rockvalley landslide), but i have a problem and some questions.

It looks like the edge of the map (invisible wall) have change and some of my road are now impossible to pass. Is there a way to add 1-2 squares to the size of the map?

What's the utility of the routes option in the editor?

And finally, there was 3 starting vehicules in the original map but there's only 1 showing in the game, any ideas why?

thanks you for your help and sorry for my broken english!

I ran into the truck issue while making my map from scratch...
If I have 1 starting garage, I can stick 2-3 active (starting) trucks in close proximity to it and/or each other (within say 10m or so) and they spawn and are selectable from the menu before starting the map, but if I move trucks 2&3 further away while leaving truck1 at the garage, 2&3 are no longer selectable. The idea was to have starting trucks dotted around the map to make testing different locations a little easier instead of always having to drive from the starting garage to those locations...
As for adding land area around the edges, I don't think it's possible but I'll keep my eye out for any relevant info to pass along! 🙂

You can only have 1 ''active'' vehicle, you can select the others as active but it don't do nothing. you can have them unlocked and as long as they are not hidden away by a watchpoint they are selectable in the menu.

I've seen the edge of the map thing being a problem for others, me I kept MR and ST away from each other and did not convert anything or will not, no old models either.

Try the SpintiresMod(plus for MR) and see if that fixes it.

Thanks for the information sir. 🙂
If the other trucks are unlocked but not near the active truck, should they be selectable at the map selection screen?
For example I want the player to be able to choose 3 starting trucks, then find the other hidden/locked ones as they explore the map. I don't want all 3 of those starting trucks to be in the same vicinity of each other when the map begins (1 in each corner, for example). Is this possible?


Hmm in theory yeah, if you make sure there is no watchpoint hiding them.
In old ST+ it would allow you to see all the trucks anyway I think. hope that comes with MudrunnerMod!

I have no watchpoints at all on my map, but I'll mess with it a bit more and see what I can figure out