Dynamic hud or more options on console please.

The game is beautiful with hud off but doesn't work well. The hud kills immersion / atmosphere when exploring. Turning hud on every time you need to fight or see the objective is a waste of time. I really wish there was a dynamic hud that only turns on when your in combat or using vamp senses. I usually take lots of screen shots and share them on social media aka free marketing but I dont with this game because of hud. If for some reason dynamic hud is hard to implement just give us a in game button press on / off. Double clicking any button would work. It surprises me that any game still uses traditional hud Deadspace figured this out years ago. Most new games have dynamic huds and even photo modes.

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This is how exploring should look. link text

I agree with you on this one for sure!!

I totally agree! When we have HUD off we should be able to bring up truck menu when hitting up on D-Pad. Also we should be able to shift the gears when HUD is off. WTF devs! So simple why on earth they made it they way they did is beyond me. So many simple little easy thinks they can do to make an already awesome game even better. I hate clutter, i want to be able to drive the whole time and use all the gears and features with HUD off. Please update this devs!