Dramatic Loss of FPS.

I've been playing MR around 20-30 fps on the laptop itself and if I hook it up to my tv I would get around 30-45 fps. all on lowest settings for the game. The other day I played and had around 40-45 fps on the laptop then the next day I can not get over 12 fps on either. (specs) dell latitude E6430 i7 -intel hd graphics 4000. and nvidia 5200m with hdmi (when plugged into tv) I've ran all kinds of diagnostics test and a bunch of other stuff. I'm at a loss. anyone have an idea?

Hey there,

Have you installed anything knew in those last couple of days? Have you installed any new mods?

I've only installed one mod in that time frame. I uninstalled it but still not the greatest. I may need to clear the cache. but not sure on how too. I downloaded a clear cache thing but its not working. is there a newer version out there somewhere or can I do it manually?

I'm a little confused, clear what manually? The MudRunner install? You can do this by Verifying Game Files while right-clicking the game in your Steam library.

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I was talking about clearing the cache manually. I've tried a few different things and keep getting file not specified or an error. I've done the verify a couple times.