CAn someone help me to make this LIAZ Dakar beauty in game pls? ;)

Hey modders! I need help with this Liaz Dakar beauty 😉😎 Can someone help me to convert it into MR? I need from you "work in 3ds max" - to make bones,moving axles and mudguards,textures unwrapping and convert it into .x format .... Later in game i can continue myself ( to make geard,weight,addons,sounds ....) Is someone interested to help? SPUN, HAZZARD, others ... ?
Thanks zidon 🙂
0_1511856032292_23915831_1911510108878860_2359754351279974323_n.jpg 2_1511856042588_23905571_1911510135545524_712308575728158054_n.jpg 1_1511856042588_23905217_1911510208878850_5970606190475866604_n.jpg 0_1511856042588_23916020_1911510315545506_6878655068735347644_n.jpg

I can. But there are a lot of polygons in the model, it's possible to make such a model into the game?

Yep -it has too many polys ..... can you make it a little less poly? PM me and i give you link so you can try it 😉

Liaz truck?? I was 2 year ago at likinsky bus plant - they produced only liaz buses (on their own (zf mainly) and scania chassis)

good looking truck! could someone explain the 'Too Many Poly's' issue??

@rufus the game has a limit of 28k vertices per mesh (around 20k per mesh depending on how you build your meshes) you can work around it by spliting the meshes (lazy way) or redoing/optimizing the meshes (better way) and use Normal maps to maintain the smaller details of the model

heavy poly models are slower in game and can cause the 2gb ram limit issue that will end up in crashing the game

@zidon155 what is the actual polycount and amount of textures of the dakar truck??
i see it comes textured so i guess people will only split the meshes to avoid having to re map it
draconus has a 1.2M poly Oshkosh L-atv but only him can play with it so i have no idea of how good it runs in the game, Bregel had a 700k model that ran smooth on the game with the use of 7 texture maps and ThunderDuck had a Cherokee of 1M polys that ran kinda bad because he had too many texture maps in it making the game lag just by loading the textures of his model

Its this model:
"LIAZ truck model as used in mid 80's Dakar rally.
Hi-poly model (about 3.000.000 polygons) with high resolution textures (various sizes from 8k to 1k).

3ds Max 2014 format with V-ray and Corona materials
FBX with clean geometry included."

@zidon155 Yea man i dont think someone is going to mod a 3.000.000 poly model, that would take a beast computer to even load that model. If we got it in the game, the lag would be insane and basically be an unplayable mod.