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My opinion is: I absolutely do not expect/want him to share his modifications completely for free. However, I do not want to make donations without any guarantee that he will make his modifications available at all. Instead, I would gladly and normally pay for his modifications as for normal dlc so that I see and I know what I pay for.

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I not here to show how good i can speak or write... fanboy....hmmm... because i like someone's work? And asking why nobody talk about him anymore?

it´s not what you say, it´s more how you say it

Please... I am father of 3 kids

makes no differnt for me, you know nohting from me (and i will not tell you anything because it´s private)

and my hours on mr are 55....

Don´t get me wrong now - but i´m there since hour 0.
I played the TechDemo, i donated in 2013 for the Kickstart that Spintires just made possible. Was there until the "Timebomb" or what ever it was and waited patiently for Mudrunner.
I tried out so many Mods in this time. I saw many good Modders coming and going.

so wtf are guys talking about...

i guess now are you getting angry

just enjoy the game and his mods... so u guys have to much time to talk shit or are just envious... it's my good right to stay to my opinion... he is a great modder... game dying like st... usa dlc will not help... sorry.. but this are the facts

Yes he definitely is a great modder but acting like a child. (and that´s my good right to stay to my opinion) if he want´s to make money with his mods why he is not selling it. Many Modders out there do it like this. And yes i already purchased some Mods.
Some will pay for it and others not.

When User will follow him they will find his FB page and some will also support him.
We don´t need a hint in every single thread here in the forum.
That´s my last statement to the topic "dracounus" (or maybe not)

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That sounds good and fair... maybe its right... and i dont really say what i wonna say... or the way how i say that... it's cool to hear that u have spent so much time with sp and mr... I just read about and hear about it...

I just can say the same about mods... dlc and donation... would rather pay for good mods... garantie is great... to get the game so good as it's possible... I would help everyone out...

The 2 dlcs which came out... if I have paid for it... I where just disappointed... so yes... i give everyone money how makes it better... not for maps and trucks who available as mods too...

So on every modder for sp and mr out there.... good job

i'd rather not pay for mods and keep modding free, paying money for mods is stupid.

unless you feel the need to donate some money to a modder because you enjoy his work or his face or whatever, then feel free (your money, do whatever you want with it)

but having to pay money as a requirement to being able to use a mod is pretty stupid in my opinion

In the end, selling mods does not make sense, because there is always someone who after buying will make it available for free download on some Mod Website. Perhaps the ideal solution would be the cooperation of the game developers with the modders: mods would be officially added to the game and modders would receive some money. Unfortunately, Saber probably have no money or is not interested in it. It's a pity, because such a solution would allow faster development of the game and at least partially would solve the problem of the lack of modifications on the consoles. Am I right?

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