Where do i redeem code?

Can somebody help me? I was givin a key code to try n redeem but have no idea where to do this? Never been part of closed beta before sorry

go on steam
at the top go to games
then click activate a product.
copy and paste the code
you are now ready to play

Damn, ok i was lookin on steam too couldnt find the damn redeem option. Ty very much

Dont see it. Could u send me direct link pls? Maybe its cuz im on my phone..errrr the suspense is killing me!

@ritikual You have to be on PC to do it.

Check this screenshot out, at the bottom left corner of the screen I have the section circled in red. Follow the prompt messages and enter your key.


Ty guys. I actually did it on my phone but someone sent me direct link, but its definitely different on phone, yes