Camera suggestions

The first one is about cockpit camera. It would be great to look out of nearest side window like in Euro Truck Simulator 2. My humble proposition for angle-based mechanics:

alt text

It differs from ETS in ability to look forward while hanging out. The example covers most trucks and should be mirrored in case of right-hand driven K-700 and any other RHD mods.

And more to this, I propose to make driver capable of hanging out of FARTHEST side window! Of course the vehicle should be automatically locked with parking brake while doing so (similar to advanced mode). E-7310 and some other monster mods are out of luck.

The second suggestion: add a feature to move and direct camera freely (and maybe adjust FOV) while making screenshots for better perspectives, as seen in Mad Max.

Hi there!

We're working on additional camera modes and options in upcoming updates, with the newest one coming planned for the next update.

We won't say more about it now, but there is something coming 🙂