Mudrunner Mod Manager

For anyone who is interested, I've created a VERY basic open source Mod Manager for SpinTires Mudrunner. The method it uses to store and activate the Mods is different then how JSGE stores the Mods. It uses a method I picked up in an earlier post. Thanks to @Tattoo for pointing it out.

This is just the first iteration, so I am sure you are going to run into bugs.

If you are just interested in running the program:

Just unzip the folder somewhere. Since this was built with .NET, you'll need to have the .NET framework 4.6.1 or higher.

If you are interested in the source code, you can clone it from the main project page.

Can't get this to work. Getting errors. I have .net4.7 and also just installed 4.6.1 and same errors. This is after setting mudrunner folder.

Your .NET is fine. It's having a problem with your SpinTires config.xml. It is saying your XML file is malformed. You should have only one Config root element. Like:

<?xml ...>
<Config ...>
<MediaPath ...>
<MediaPath ...>

If there is anything before or after <Config> </Config> tags, it will cause a problem in my application.

@hytek1999,Yes, I have more in it. I'll change it and try. Thanks.

No problem. I'm surprised Mudrunner was able to read it. It must have an XML library that is much more forgiving.

@hytek1999, I dunno but it works good now. Very nice. I like that it can use .rar files because I don't like .zip files. I also like that it re-compresses the file to remove un-needed folders. I was wondering about that. It's kinda slow because of it but I like it. Thanks.

Oh yeah, but it doesn't work with my gearboxes. They have to be loaded with the code I use.

Is there any way you can make it keep the formatting of the .xml. As it is now it re-formats it and removes all the spaces.

EDIT: Oh wait. I just noticed that it changes it from .rar to .zip. didn't notice that before.

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@Tattoo, Yeah. The support for .rar files is just the ability to extract them. I assume the .zip output is a MR requirement.

You could work around your gearbox problem by adding _m and _t to the list of ModFolders in the Settings.xml file. But really I should just have a fall-through condition that just accepts the mod as-is if it can't detect the mod file signature.

The .NET XML library normalizes all of the whitespace when it reads the file and then I just save the file as a whole. In order to preserve whitespace, I'd have to write to the file manually. So the short answer is: not easily.

@hytek1999, It doesn't matter, I'll just load the gearbox the same why as I've been doing. Was just trying to see if it would one or not.