This is how you play modded maps in MP

Youtube Video

this is a video I made showing you step by step on how to setup multiplayer with a modded map, you will also need jsgme for this, link for jsgme is down below

i use another ways to do it and its easier and you can use map with custom object + map selection with a scrollbar

i use spintiremod 1.5.4

@dan4762 I've had no luck with that, so I'm stuck with this method

the thing i do to make it work it make a Media folder and add it to config.xml and after you install spintiremod 1.5.4 after that you go in the setting of spintiresmod 1.5.4 and you add your mudrunner directory then click install thats it ..

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i use the launcher once after tha you can start it the normal way

@skull0fd3ath, Thanks for the video

@dan4762, I've got spintiresmod working, it won't work with sweetFX installed, but I can't get Blackwater Canyon working in MP. I still get the files different error when trying MP.

EDIT: Even tho I got spintiresmod working, since I already installed it, I still question it because of the malware that came up when checked with VirusTotal. Just so everyone knows, Virustotal is showing that it's malware. I already installed it so it's too late for me, just a headsup for everyone else. It could be a false positive but I just checked this other guys mod manager with VirusTotal and no malware or virus' in that so I dunno. Considering it cam from a Russian site that has spam when hitting the download link, I dunno if I'd trust it.

EDIT2: When I checked spintiresmod with VirusTotal, I removed the SpintiresModInstall.exe from the zip file to check it. I first checked the zip file but nothing came up. So to be sure, I unzipped it and checked the SpintiresModInstall.exe alone and is when it showed the file had malware.

Also, I'm not trying to condemn spintires mod, just giving ya'll a heads up on what I found out.

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I don't understand, why do we need these kind of "hacks" to play user created multiplayer maps?
When will Mudrunner support natively modded maps? Nobody want's to play those default maps over and over.

@Rohirm, Yeah. I'm not sure what the hold up is with maps on the workshop. I always figured maybe it was a size limit problem or something. I was a little uneasy about that spintires mod like @Tattoo was saying. That's why I decided to create my own and make it open source so anyone (who knows C# at least) can see that it's not sketchy.