Missing Closed Alpha Forums.

As of right now, I can't even see the forums for the closed Alpha on the homepage of Insurgency: Sandstorm's Focus Forums.

I've looked through the listed subcategories and announcements, and have no way to access them except through a link sent by someone else, which then comes up as me having no access.

I received an email pronouncing me as an Alpha tester, a key, and I'm currently downloading the closed alpha version of the game. Would appreciate being able to check this out with someone and hopefully get it fixed!

They've said they were in the process of adding people to the forum hours ago so I guess they didn't get round to finishing it. I'm sure they'll sort it by the end of tomorrow.

@boomer-one Is this the link that was sent by someone else?


I have access to the fourms but no access to the Closed Alpha itself,lol.

Hopefully it works for you.

Lol I have access to the beta but not the forum.

@lordclaw Doesn't seem to work for me. Maybe just an administration fault.

I don't have access either

You have to go to your upper right corner. There is your Profile. Click on the notification button. Here should be a invitation for the Technical Alpha. You have to accept it and you're in.

im in beta but cant access forum