Downloading Now, Looking for some ppl to squad with!

Add me on Steam: Twitch/Lazy7Cynic

Not streaming of course, just nice to play with some of the same people and focus on obj and teamwork!


Thanks for your message.

Please make sure to post any message about the Closed technical Alpha in the hidden dedicated section:

If you don't have access yet, it should arrive in a few hours. We're currently adding all the testers in the proper forum group 🙂

i have acces to the alpha but no acces to the hidden section of the forums?

Says i don't have access, even though im playing.

Not able to access either forum either

Me too. I don't have access.

For all of you that didn't read the Email properly : and here is quote:"Don't worry if you get an error when trying to join the hidden forum, we'll be giving you access in the coming hours" and yes I become a tester btw for the Devs is there a reward for alpha tester when the game launch?

@wutse @lazy7cynic @firedrake99 @ph6 @lionstheboss @tribefan89

You all have access to the hidden forum now:

We're having some technical issues with the forum but we're slowly adding everyone there, no worries 🙂

I received an email today telling me I have 11 days to play but nothing saying how to download etc. Do I get from steam? Does that email mean I’m gonna n the alpha?

@netheos I can't get into that forum. Guess that means I'm not in the Alpha even though I had an email?

@mace In the first email noting that you got accepted to Closed Alpha is a Steam Key for the game

Anyone having an issue with the download speed? It won't go over 750KBps

@lazy7cynic Sadly I don't think you can squad up at this time!

@rixto003 I've just had one email saying this:

"Closed Technical Alpha
Insurgency: Sandstorm's Closed Technical Alpha has started!

Servers will be open 24/7 during the Closed Technical Alpha.

The Closed Technical Alpha ends July 23rd – you only have 11 days to play!

Play with the dev sessions, events and announcements will be posted on the Insurgency: Sandstorm Testing Steam group, please ensure you’re joined up to ensure you’re notified of these sessions.

This Closed Technical Alpha only uses matchmaking - you won't be able to use the server browser. Make sure to pick the servers of your regions in match preferences to ensure a stable connection.

Where can I discuss with testers and the team?

Please join the Insurgency: Sandstorm Closed Technical Alpha Discord to synchronize with the team and testers. Don't post feedback and reports in this channel, as it's not covered by NDA.

Where can I share feedback?

Please report technical issues and general feedback on the Insurgency: Sandstorm Closed Technical Alpha forums. Don't worry if you get an error when trying to join the hidden forum, we'll be giving you access in the coming hours.

Before submitting feedback on the forums please check if there is an existing thread about the topic, or if it is listed in our known issues log. We’ll also send you a survey about your experience in the Closed Technical Alpha.

When providing feedback please try to be as informative as possible, providing information on where and when the issue occurred.


Please remember, recording gameplay, screenshots, or sharing information about game content (even privately to friends) during the Closed Technical Alpha is NOT allowed. You are under a legally binding Non-disclosure Agreement. Note that it’s still active after the end of the Closed Technical Alpha.

If you have any issues, feel free to get back in touch. We look forward to seeing you in game!

Insurgency: Sandstorm Team "

Which I'm not sure what it's saying but why would I get this if I'm not in?....

Currently missing access to enter closed forum but downloading now..

Is there even currently a way to squad up? A friend and I were playing earlier, and we couldn't figure out how to. There wasn't the option to join a friends game in Steam chat and I didn't notice anything about joining on friends in the game itself.

Get on voice together and sync your clicks... Once one of you finally finds a match ("Match begins in..."), you have 3 seconds to confirm your buddy got it too, if not, cancel out and try again