Great game, if it weren't for the choices...

Let me start off on a positive note, to balance out the bad.
I love this game.
I've poured probably 20 hours into it, and i love it.
The combat is great, i love the story, the details and the characters.

Now... The bad.
2 things, really, 2 massive complaints.
1 is the lack of explanation behind your choices.


Dorothy Crane, and her choices...
Embrace i get, you drain her and kill her.
Spare i get, though she would continue her practices in Whitechapel.
But the charm option, which i chose, is not just poorly, but very badly explained.

What i got from 'charm': You charm her with your Vampyric seduction power (or something along those lines), and you take her back to the hospital.
What i actually got: You mindrape the absolute living bejesus out of Dorothy Crane, drive her insane, leave her to her own devices, only to let her become a crazed Skall who you then have to kill.

Now, this choice isn't a problem on it's own, but the fact that there are no manual save slots make this worse.
I have no problem with autosave.
In fact, i am one of those people who are heavily against save scumming, and pretty much play on ironman mode whenever possible.
But the poor explanation for these choices leaves you absolutely stunned.
There is no indication as to what your actions will result to, nor what the possible consequences of those actions will be, and i get that you're not meant to see the full picture of the story with every choice, but this?...
This just hurts.

And then there's the locking of Sean Hampton's charm choice...
Again, manual save slots are a MUST for this game.

In the end, i'm let down by the consequences of my choices.
I had no idea what i was signing up for when i chose either of them, and it feels like the game punishes me for trying to make the best choice.
If that was your intention, congratulations you succeeded... and left me with a bitter taste in the mouth that i could only describe as 'tired'.

Because i am tired of making choices i don't know the DIRECT consequences to.
Damned be the impact on the game, if i don't know what Reid will do directly after the choice, after making said choice...


This will be what will hopefully be a temporary departure from this beautiful game, and i shall leave a suggestion.
One that would benefit this game's overall rating.

The suggestion: Manual save slots, 10 of them, along with an iron man mode in the shape of the game's current form.

Thats the point of the game...

It wants you to feel the consequences of your choice, it doesnt matter if they are good or bad...

And that why there is no manual save.