No access to Closed alpha forums

I have my key, and have entered it into steam, however the game has no files, and I apparently do not have access to the closed alpha forums, even though I have a key

There an Insurgency: Sandstorm closed alpha discord invite you can go to if you have the email invite. From there, you can offer feedback on the game and report bugs on the discord chat.

The forums will open tomorrow on Thursday! You can see the dates and times in the email you were sent, if you have the key. The download becomes available tomorrow as well, in regards to the game.

The Discord is not for discussing the closed alpha, it's only for finding matches or any other co-ordination with other players or dev events. It says so in the rules. Actual game discussion is only supposed to be in the forum.

My guess is forum access starts when the closed alpha is actually available. The discord has a link, but it just gives me an "Access Denied" page right now.