Decreased performance on PS4 Pro after patch 1.04


I wonder if developers looking at this forums, if not I’ll be glad if someone can advise what’s the best way to reach them out.

Ok, that was an intro to an issue I faced. I have a hard copy of the game, so after installation I launched v1.0, and while patch was downloading I had enough time to play until chapter 2, where I had some time to strand around hospital area. Then patch was downloaded and I restarted the game... Immediately I noticed decreased performance, I don’t what caused it, but it gives a feeling that after patch optimization for PS4 Pro been disabled or some other settings has been increased with a drawback in performance. I don’t have an option to trace it exactly but I assume frame rate drops from like 40+ to something around 29-30 with occasional drops lower.

Also, maybe it’s just me, but graphics also seem to look less sharp than before.

Anyway, I wish to know if developers are aware of this and it’ll be fixed with a next patch?

Thank you in advance!

Hey there,

This shouldn't be the case, if you re-install the game does it keep happening?

Unfortunately it does persist, just today I have tried to repeat what I described in my first try. Despite it shouldn’t be the case, like in most cases bugs are never an intended parts in development process 🙂 issue is still there, I’m quite sure if you guys just try to do the same an especially through mine flow you’ll notice this as well – run through prologue in v1.0, then try the same with v1.04.

Also I’d like to admit, for me as a user registering here an posting something with a hope that information will reach you bugtracking system is already a hassle, as if it were almost unnoticeable I would spent time registering and writing here – which is a good sign as people enjoying product instead of spending time on forums, so I do hope someone will just try to see what I described.

This bug also despite of it appearance without an intention it could have happening unintentionally as I noticed that in a patch description you put “... various improvements” if something has been improved there’s alaways a room for some disimprovements.

Another important note! As I have not experienced other patches, it can also means that this issue have been there in previous patches as well!

One more thing discovered, on various forums people notices same issues, but key thing here is all the cases are about PS4 Pro, not the regular PS4, which could narrow down the spur to the point that something about PS4 Pro Enchancements been accidentally been dropped/turned off...

I have a normal PS4 but I noticed that after 1.04 game is slower, loading writings appear more frequently than before, but it's more stable and crashes a lot less frequently