Suggestion for The Surge 2 - Changing weapons on the fly

While I enjoyed being able to carry multiple weapons at once in The Surge. I always thought it would be a nice touch to use a single weapon then pull out another in an instant. That isn't possible and the delay for swapping out isn't viable during combat.

I feel this would allow combat to flow a bit better, similar to how it's handled in Dark Souls or how trick weapons are handled in Bloodborne.

... But you can change weapons on the fly in The Surge. You can mark another weapon beside you equiped one as "Favorite" in equipment screen. Look on the lowest part of the screen for instruction with what button you can do it. When you press it, it will be marked with star on weapon icon. Once you have it marked, check in controls what button is mapped for "Weapon switch" and by presing it, you switch on the fly between your equiped and favorite weapon.