Suggestion for The Surge 2 - Changing weapons on the fly

While I enjoyed being able to carry multiple weapons at once in The Surge. I always thought it would be a nice touch to use a single weapon then pull out another in an instant. That isn't possible and the delay for swapping out isn't viable during combat.

I feel this would allow combat to flow a bit better, similar to how it's handled in Dark Souls or how trick weapons are handled in Bloodborne.

Watch the latest gameplay teaser for The Surge 2 I think you'll be quite happy. The player character in the gameplay demo appears to be wielding a 2 handed axe of some sort that can be broken in to 2 hatchet like weapons and swung much more rapidly. Looks like they'll have combo weapons in The Surge 2 which is really interesting, they also addressed some of our concerns about blocking being completely useless in The Surge 2 as successful blocks/parries no longer look like they cost stamina or cost very little stamina which as many of us know is not the case at all in The Surge currently as trying to block anything even with close to 200 stamina and block augments everything one shots through your guard and hits you anyway.

I agree with this. In Nioh there was a skill you can unlock to have hotswap skill that allows you to preform an attack when switching weapons timed well (the window to pull this off was quite forgiving it was impossible to mess up). I'd like something like that to be implemented into the game.