K700 uprgrade

Would it be possible to make the K700 loader be able to lift trucks other than the jeeps. Or have the crane attachments be able to lift trucks. It would make screwing around in MP alot more fun if you could lift your buddy up a cliff or out of a pond. Or just pick them up and pack them around and dump them in a river lol.

A k700 could never lift a 10 ton vehicle....

In the original ST, the E-7310 had a utility crane attachment specifically for doing this. There was a winch point on the end of the crane arm, so you could move the crane into position and then attach the winch to get vehicles out of tight spots (and rivers) much more easily. It was strong enough to lift pretty much anything short of another E-7310.

Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason this amazing attachment has been removed from Mudrunner. Hopefully it will be added back in soon.

I think it should be as it is. Because if we put more strength to hydraulics, grabber will lift K700 itself instead of intended vehicle. If we go for vehicle towing, lifting front axle and brake release should do the deed.

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@dondumpster said in K700 uprgrade:

A k700 could never lift a 10 ton vehicle....

You look like you speak from experience, Don. 😉