Inmortal Bug (Ps4)

I just died at the same time I killed nurse Crane and when I revived my health bar was empty but I cannot die or receive damage, I can bite people but I dont regain any health or blood and I cannot target enemies nor NPCs and I cannot use my blood vision.



I tried a lot of things and finally going to sleep seems to have solved it

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For me the same, i solved with the same solution!

Hi Guys I brought this game yesterday and all was well and I was really enjoying it until I got to prembooke hospital. Now every dialogue is ethier missing or sounds like it's taking place 2 miles away, I've tried to restart the game, re install and I even deleted my save deleted the game and started fresh and now there no audio right at the start with cut scene with Mary. I was really enjoying this game until that happened does any one know how I can fix this?

What's most concerning is that this is the Ps4 version which is not known to have this sort of glitch.

Any help would be appreciated Thanks otherwise I'm going to have to try and refund it.