You thought you had a bad logging day...

Two screenshots of driver poking thru windshield. The car was a winch ping related issue with player connected to server that cause a catastrophic collision. The truck was a deliberate high speed drive into a large tree to total vehicle and allow connected player to repair to get repair achievement. Appoligies for not posting pictures in thread, I don't have privileges.

that's really funny. the driver sometimes do contextual animations. do you think this is intentional? maybe a little joke by pavel or is it actual glitch of the animation system.

Fairly certain that it is a coding issue, however it does reset itself eventually. In the C-255, the driver ends up under the dash facing the back of the truck with his arms crossed and hands still on the wheel.

More than likely it is part of the physics coding. I see you hit a tree, in the 2nd picture. I don't think it's a bug. It appears to me that the laws of motion also affect the driver, which is a nice effect, IMO and an intentional one, IMO also. The part where it doesn't correct itself is more likely the bug. It also looks like you hit something while you were driving the car.

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The car was a winch / ping issue as stated earlier. Was winching a car over a rock and their ping spiked and the cars went airborne into a crazy mess and hit the ground.

I've experienced this and can echo the high ping/winch suggestion.

My friend was winched to the bumper of my 432010 in his 535 and was trying to push me up a mountain when his ping got bad and it ended up bouncing us around with my driver's head snapping back out of the cab a few times and both trucks totalled. We nearly died laughing.

Got a clip of it: Morbid xI/video/40402112