HUD/dashboard idea

I now that at this point we are probably quite used to old HUD. But there are also some voices criticizing the new dashboard. The idea behind it (justified by the general direction of the game in the past) that the menu(s) should look like an old tube (CRT) screen was maybe fitting in the concept of the old soviet game at the beginning. But now with even better GFX of MUDRUNNER it simply doesn't look good. The quality of the hud/dashboard doesn't need to be so low res. In general you don't have to have it low res to look old - look at the trucks and in game elements like buildings, fuel stations, etc. they look properly old but they are of high quality. Therefore I would like to present my idea for both HUD and dashboard.

This is the idea I got thinking about it. What if the HUD actually reminds a dashboard, universal one for all vehicles but looking like an old Russian style truck dashboard. The HUD and actual dashboard could share the same concept but display different controls depending on the view. In my example I tried to show different ideas of dashboard signals but
apart form the presented one we could get just a plain light(tiny colored indicator) with description(letters) above/below. In my opinion this could add some more flavor to the game and make it even more realistic.

HUD View (less info)
alt text

Cabin Viev (more datailed)
alt text

Of course my examples are just to serve as a general idea rather than exact manner of implementing it (if ever) in the future.

What do you think?

I think this must be in the new Workshop sections - "dashboards".

GOOD...I'd like a rev counter as well though....however inaccurate it may be!