Flying Zaporozhets...

I was experimenting a bit today in proving grounds. It all hapened while trying to load A-968m on the loader helping myself with winch a bit. I managed to shoot and hung A-968m in the air... it shot like from a slingshot and got stuck in midair...

Enjoy... [;

alt text

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Physics bubble FTW!

In all seriousness, this is a well-known problem with the Spintires engine. It has a very small physics bubble immediately around your truck, and everything else in the world is in stasis. It looks like you managed to launch that car outside the bubble, so the game stopped processing physics on it, leaving it suspended in midair.

If you drive immediately underneath it, you might bring it back into the bubble and have it come crashing down on top of you.


That's exactly what had happened. (:

I managed to catapult ZAZ with "multiplayer physics" ("MPP" onwards). I was in K700, the other player was in car. "MPP" didn't allow me to take it off ground, not even mentioning lifting it up. By the time of my attempt to get car up, grabber accumulated some extreeme tension and when I was about to release car from grabber "MPP" and it's ping influence kicked in. For my client tracktor already released car and promtly launched grabber upwards, but for guy in poor car (due to ping) my grabber still had grip - and game trying to compensate difference actually launched car in air. It almost touched wires on nearby poles and landed on wheels. Too bad, my recording software wasn't ready at the time - view was hilarious.

Oh no! I wonder if you can knock it down by throwing another vehicle at it?

@iyagovos said in Flying Zaporozhets...:

Oh no! I wonder if you can knock it down by throwing another vehicle at it?

Enter the car, then it's going to drop.