Trucc broken without hitting anything?

This happened two times and only in casual, in the bog, in the same run. One was using the winch a lot, but in the other I wasnt using it that much, but both happened while winching. The truck was barely damaged or not at all, like 10/600, yet suddenly a message of "engine broken" appeared and it went full broken.

Why does this happen?

@araxp question, had you just driven over a small tree and broke it down and got stuck on top of it before the damage? i have noticed when i drive over the small trees you can knock down that i will get stuck on the root/base of it and have gotten a bit of damage that way, but never was full damage.

It just happened again in hardcore. I had a truck stuck in the mud and while I was approaching with another truck, for no reason the truck stuck in the mud (they werent touching or winching, I was approaching) it received a ton of damage and became full broken.

I think this is from the update, because I played 5/6 maps in hardcore before the update and now after the update I seem to get this too much.

No, it was just mud. In this last one I posted I was over a small tree, but I received full damage, from 0 to 600.

When you leave the truck, the physics turn off. When you approach the truck, physics turn on gradually: the truck may drop on its springs and thus collide with a rock or tree below it, and when the "physics bubble" reaches that rock or tree, it will do damage since it is touching the truck very forcefully now.

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Well, that explains the last one, but not the first two, which I was driving.