can not play maps if balance is exceeded


so this may be a feature and not a bug, but to be safe is this right or bugged? with the old version you could still play the maps if the balance was exceeded and it would disabled the achievements. now though you can not play the map at all if the balance is exceeded.

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Yes this needs to be fixed ASAP to keep the game somewhat interesting.

@8up-local I really miss this freedom from the previous game.
I miss MAZ 7310 unique crane. I wish the crane will be added again with the addition of BAT-M which will also have his crane for rescue.
And about removed the ability to change wheels. As far as I remember this change was motivated by that because different wheels need different axles (?). I do not understand this, but I know that different tire treads or chains on wheels do not require different axles. So I hope these things will come back in an update.

I believe the removal of the multiple wheelsets had to do with it not really being necessary for most of the vanilla trucks...
It was a really cool thing for mod trucks though, being able to swap sets around based on terrain, visuals, etc.