Request: transparent water

I think that the water of rivers should be much more transparent because it is impossible to know whats in front of you, you basically are doing a jump of faith.

I know about the depth bars in the map, but they arent that useful. Sure, they can give you an overall path, but unless you are switching to that map every 5 secs and check your situation, you cant know if your overall has a trench or you deviated 5 cm to the left.

Yes, we can see some of that beautiful transparent water here, in real images from Russia.

Youtube Video

@araxp That would make the game less risky and exciting, wouldn’t it?

Uhh.. Have you ever seen a real flowing river in bfe? Something over 2' deep? The water is made to be treacherous. Not oh, that's way to deep, lets go around.

No its supposed to be mmmm.. Send it? Send it!

Im really tired of this sarcasm and "its not like than in real life so it cannot be in the game". Well shit, then pretty much all games should be cancelled because they are not like real life.

I'd like this too. There was someone in the mod section that showed how to do it changing the files in the classes/waters folder and it works fine for offline but disables multi-player. He has the file check system in place so we can't change them and use them online. 😞

Still, I can't believe how much is this game close to reality 🙂

@araxp well you see, not all games are labeled simulators. But this one is. So, ya know, that kinda means a lot when people say this or that.

If you go that way, in real life you would never cross a wild wide river without having any idea of where to cross it, unless, of course, you always dreamed of drowning in a truck.

Im talking specifically about the map The Flood and the River and Im not asking for crystal clear water, just be able to see 1-2 m in front of you.

@araxp But you can, especially at night in the headlights...

@araxp I have no idea what youre asking for. Water doesnt stop you from seeing an almost infinite distant infront of you.

Check out what these guys get up to...
I've been bingeing on this web series for a week or so now, this is the kind of experience I try to replicate in my mind when I'm trudging through the mud (and across rivers/streams!) in Mudrunner... Gives you a good idea of the planning, processes and equipment that are really involved with big off-road trail runs...
Alaska / Yukon Series::