My thoughts on Mudrunner

My thoughts on Spintires: MudRunner
After 30 hrs spent enjoying the mud, here are my thoughts on this great game.

Comments good and bad welcome.

Sounds fine to me cause I think its your honest point of view.

Okay the Challenges are more a bad example (due to the missing mirrors) of tutorials but the Game oh his own is great.

Yes its hard to get your surroundings from the inside of the Vehicle. (do you fit or not, what is the trailer doing in reverse and so on)

You can have the same skills on Keyboard if you want. On ST I used my PS Controller but now Im freaking good with Keyboard. (only thing I call an issue is that its not possible for me to change the camera as fast as you)

At the moment I challange my own ass by trying to get all maps on a minimum balance score in Hardcore.

Thanks for the feedback. I feel very comfortable with the controls now. I guess each control method has its pros/cons.

I'm currently on the last single player map. Finally unlocked the d-537. Which is a beast of a vehicle.

Once I've completed everything on Casual mode, I'll try my hand at hardcore