Bunch of control requests
  • Gamepad bindings need to be customisable.
  • All bindings should allow a secondary binding.
  • Have separate crane bindings.
  • Add bindings for right side external camera, or a binding to change side. Current bindings always go on the left side?
  • Add binding for winch release.
  • More of a gameplay request, but also add a feature/binding for extending winch.
  • Use some sort of forced bindings for UI control. The "OK" binding seems to be linked to the All wheel drive binding, for example? I want it to remain on the equivalent of the Xbox A button on my G27 shifter panel, which works well with its D-pad.
  • Related to the above, map controls are pretty clunky. Alternating between zoom and rotation direction? Need something better here.
  • When opening advanced menu using gamepad, highlight one of the options automatically. Currently I have to press up or down a couple of times before anything is highlighted for some reason.
  • Add a separate binding for starting engine and (optionally?) disable automatic engine start on throttle.
  • Binding for detach trailer.
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In general this game would do much better if we could bind keys and have more options for biding.

Lack of customizable bindings seems like a bit of an oversight. There's not real reason to not have it.

Ninja bump while adding stuff.

Now that we can look back from interior view it would be neat with a quick binding to look back, and also one to look forward again/recenter view.

Also I've tweaked my gamebad crane bindings slightly, but now they feel a bit weird for the... I don't know what it's called, the one with the "claw" thingy in the front. I don't expect different bindings for every utility, but.. it would be neat.