Updating a map (being created) for testing without deleting User Save and Map file?


Everytime I want to test my map I have to delete UserConfig, User Settings and User Save file for the specific map otherwise I am unable to test the new version.

Obviously I lose non-modded map progress when doing this, and all my game settings.

Is there a way around this rather intrusive save reset in order to test maps being created?


Why do you have to delete the Config?

UserProfile.stu should have your progress.
UserSettings.stsd has your settings.
ShaderCach.sdc was the stuff that should be removed every time you change a custom map.
(at least on Spintires in the roaming folder)

I've been converting an old map just yesterday and I just copied the files into the media folder and could test it.
Where did you copy your files to, Media.zip or did you create a Media folder?

@CheckMyPixel Cool. Will try removing shader only. I meant Profile not config.