Limited Slip Diff?

I observed that without locked diff, when I am stucked if I press full throtle with a truck, the two wheels of the same axle receive power, even if one of the wheels are in the air the two wheels spin (not at same speed). I think this is not realisticic if I am stucked, in my real car with open diff, a Wheel can spin crazy and the other is complety quite. Why in spintires this is not posible? All vehicles have slip limited diff?

Open Diff changes power on the wheels to a different speed. If a wheel is not be able to turn, power will be transmitted to all other wheels. So its normal that a wheel in the air is spinning wild.
Closed Diff gives full power to all wheels.

Youtube Video

In Mud all wheels are without traction so they can and will spin.

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Excellent reply with the video, that's awesome. In some wild real life cases even if you have a locked differential you'll notice that tires still do spin at different speeds... Usually that's preceded by an exceptionally loud bang, twisting metal, or sometimes even just a slight clank.
In some heavier vehicles you'll notice it easier that even though the axles are locked at the differential, and the transfer case is locked the front and rear tires will slip at different times and/or speeds.

After see your video, I think in spintires exist Limited Slip Diff and Locked Diff. But is this real? For example A-968M really have a limited slip diff? Here in Spain, only a few expensive cars have limited slip diff, the most cars have open diff.

@jorge said in Limited Slip Diff?:

Here in Spain, only a few expensive cars have limited slip diff, the most cars have open diff.

Thats simply not true. The price tag of a vehicle has nothing to do with it have LSD or not. There's quite a few vehicles that have options for LSD. And ones from auto manufacturers sometimes aren't that great from the factory.

Thanks, it seemed easier to show what a Diff is than to explain it.
Seeing is understanding.

Apparently you have not read my last sentence.
You compare a car on the street with one in the mud. (One in mud and the other in air, both tires have NO traction. If you test on tire on the street and the other in the mud, the street one has traction so it will not move until the mud one gains traction.)

BTW I dont think there is any Diff in the A-968M due to the Fact its a RWD Vehicle and not build for Offroad.
The SAS 968M was build 1979-1994 with a max amount of 50HP and 1.197 cm³
alt text

Putins first car was a 968M! 4real

@mudrunnerr50 Sure but I dont concider the Transmission a Diff.

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Uhh.. All cars have a diff.. And having a LSD has nothing to do with being RWD or the use of the vehicle.

FWD, awd, 4wd, and RWD can all have LSD's.. Street, strip or whatever.

@mudrunnerr50 Not all cars have d Diff

Whats about a soild Axel? Or Drifters?(yeah Drifters have a Diff but mostly fully locked)

ALL vehivles have Diffs. Solid axle or IFS has NOTHING to do with it. ANY diff can have a LSD or fully locked diff.

Pls show me the diff on a GoCart, Quad and a E-Car.

Where is the need for a diff on a solid axle?
Not saying you are wrong but there are vehicles out in the wild without Diffs.

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