Truck C-4320 taking damage out of nowhere.

Truck was parked fully loaded with medium logs while I drove other truck near heading for loading on map crossing at that spot:
When suddenly I got a message on screen that truck took damage.
I drove this truck on the left! When I got that message I switched to damaged truck and it had 600/600 damage 😕

I fixed it fully.

Next I was moving in convoy with this truck as second one, through deep mud very slowly when I got a message that truck took damage. I switched to this truck and I saw 230 damage points.

PC user (master race! 😃 )
g29 main in game controller with xbox360 mounted near it for camera control and crane operations.
g13 gaming keyboard. Other peripherals seen by game but not use at all.
Mouse for menus, advanced mode etc.

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Same crap happened to me on Downhill with 2 different 375s.