harder is better

The way I see mudrunner is a game that wants hard, not easy and boring. I just want to know who sees this game like me. currently I think it could be even harder.

I agree. As for now I did not met much challenge playing on hardcore which is more like casual+ not hardcore at all.

it's very easy for me. at the same time, i don't equate hard or challenging as fun. i much more enjoy the atmosphere, realism, setting, immersion, visuals, sounds, etc. i like the experience itself.

the last thing we need are artificial handicaps to make the game "harder".

i prefer they add more immersion before adding any kind of challeng. afterall, the challenge is fun as long as the experience of doing it is enjoyable. more immersion first.

Thank you, you helped me to clear my ideas. I do not want artificial disabilities too. I want this game to be as realistic as possible in the interaction between trucks and the field. as well as the behavior of the vehicle. But I'm sure there is a way to make the game harder while keeping it realistic. The first way to achieve this would be to have maps much more difficult.

I digress a bit but, Why not make a map with an introduction. '' you have a blind delivery contract and you have to take notice of the place and find the equipment '' we would start with a jeep in a map almost all black. we should find all the locations. find and unlock the garage looking for another truck or garage trailer, lost in the map .... ETC. in short have a different course than those already established in the other map. Here are some ideas on the fly. Have petrol stations with a fixed amount of gas; Fuel trailers full on the map as the only supply: start with a garage to unlock: find a truck on the side or in the water; not being able to pick trucks at the beginning of the session; do not have a garage on the map; do not have a mill and have to find a truck already load or find wood on the ground. In short, change a little bit how maps must be done. because they are a little alike.