Let's Get This Ball Rolling.

Hey Bosie here. I never played TT but I did own and play Space Battles, the precursor to BFG many years ago.

I like 40K stuff, but I'm no expert on lore. I used to play 40K TT and had Thousand Sons, Tau, Ultramarines and Necron armies. The the wife came along and decided the display cabinet had better uses. I was big fan of 2nd edition Blood Bowl and currently play BB2.

I enjoy games with giant space ships and robots smashing the snot out of each other. Massive fan of both Starfleet Battles and Starfleet Command: Empires at War.

In BFG:A I tend to play Chaos, but also enjoy the Orks and Imperials. Not a huge fan of the Eldar as I've never been an elf fan, even space elves.

I played Eve Online for around 10 years starting in 2003 and was quite a successful pirate with Veto. Corp and prior to that a mercenary with Reikoku. So I'm quite thick skinned when it comes to insults, as I've had my fair share.

Aside from BFG:A and BB2 I play Factorio and Elite: Dangerous. I'm waiting for Star Citizen to come out, I do own the Cutlass, although I'm worried about what that game is turning into.

I work for my Government, even if I think they are a bunch of tossers, and combined with my 2 kids means I tend to get at most a couple of hours most nights on the PC.

I try to speak with facts, logic and numbers and appreciate being educated. I'm trying to get into streaming games, that way I can pass on what I know and have people give me feedback on how I play. Plus you all need to hear my dulcet tones.

Feel free to abuse my fleet in game.

Several months late but here we go:
Hey guys 1397767230 here, call me 139 if you like.
I'm a closet heretic with an Imperial Fists army that's been collecting dust in my old home since 09.
On a second thought, if I say aloud about the truth of my allegiance, would that still make me a closet heretic?